The Blue and White Porcelain
Finalist of World Sinophone Drama Competition
Full length play in one act (90-minute)
KWONG. 20s. A Chinese porcelain maker.
SUNG TING-TING. 20s. Daughter of the Sung family.
SUNG YEUNG.18. An art student.
MARY. Yeung's step mother.
SUNG MING. Yeung's father.
'The Blue and White Porcelain' is a play with a cappella music about how the creation of blue-and-white porcelain intertwines with a Chinese family of 3 generations. It is about how we create art, how we play with mud and water, instead of shaping a pottery, we shape our destiny. It is a story about how we create art to ensure love lives forever. The play jumps back and forth in 1960s and 2017 with the present of the porcelain spirits. The story takes place inside a pottery room, in Jingdezhen, the best porcelain making town in China.
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