Eye of the Beholder
Semi-finalist of Eugene O'Neill National Playwright’s Conference
Full length play with two acts (110-minute)
LITTLE ___. Naive but cunning. Its life is a merry-go-round of chicanery.
THE LADY WHO TIES & UNTIES STRINGS. Passionate about life but indifferent. She was once a girl, but she can’t remember.
SHE. Static but growing. Like a peaceful ocean surface above an epicenter.
HE. Skillful persuader. His motto, “I’m doing this for you.”
THE OTHER MAN. An egoistic capitalist. He hangs out with the best.
In a world that exists between reality and myth, She is born, ignorant of the world around her until she meets He. Though She initially resists opening her eyes to the harsh realities of life, She eventually comes to learn about herself and the world. As in all mythical stories, peace is short-lived and evil soon arises. Seeking guidance from the Lady who ties Strings, one of the Trinity Gods, she embarks on a journey to fight back. Along the way, she teams up with a Cherry Blossom, Golden Spider, and Stars to overcome the darkness threatening her world.
The play was developed as part of Greenshirt Studio's Limelight Series 2023.
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